Pepperocks, Mary Donnelly Rock and Steel Art
My  name is Mary Donnelly and I'm a teacher on the Darling Downs who has recently discovered the potential of rock and steel as art mediums.  My rock creations begin as carefully chosen rocks, mostly from western landscapes, and whimsically turn into characters that have the versatility to allow people to add sculpture to their indoor or
outdoor spaces.
I came to art relatively late in life (at the age of 47) when I was required to submit a piece of art for a family art show.  Firstly, I had to enlist the help of a good friend to teach me how to weld before I began my project. 
 Having recevied very favourable feedback from this humble beginning, I was encouraged to take more risks with my work, try new ideas and use a variety of materials.  I've come a long way since that first foray into welding and the world
of art.
I have been invited to exhibit in the Downslands Art Show, the Allora Autumn Festival,  The Felton Food Festival, the Glen Innes Gallery, and at the Graydon Gallery in New Farm.
I hope you enjoy browsing my work.  Please call or email if you have any enquiries about my art.  
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Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly Exhibitions
Coming Events: Presently, I am just catching my breath after a very big year of exhibiting and commissions!  Stay tuned for future events.  Thank you to everyone who has affirmed me by purchasing my creations this year.  I am humbled by your interest in my work.
This is me at home in the shed - my office!
Mary Donnelly Rock and Steel
Mary Donnelly Rock and Steel
Mary Donnelly Rock and Steel